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Opinion – Mustaqbal without Kobciye!

Mogadishu (Himilonews) – Media do usually celebrate not more than its annual anniversary – but one does! And that is Mustaqbal Media Co-operation.
On 3th May every year since 2015, MMC used to celebrate the anniversary of Kobciye program that was being aired for the last three years – and today its third anniversary is held not only for those who are currently in charge but also those who had previously worked as one of its producers.
I am Zakariya Hassan, a former producer and well-wisher of the program’s reputation in the future.
  • My experience as Kobciye producer back in 2016
Though the company was established on 15th March 2012, Kobciye is regarded as one of the most influential programs ever broadcasted by local media station since its beginning.
In a country where the target focus of many local media at large is political analyzing, the initiative of Kobciye at a time when such program is being rapidly needed – has given light of hope to those thousand voiceless people who were left behind.
The history its self speaks up. When the media revolution started in 2000, the local media stations who were, at the time, very few in numbers had largely targeted to exaggerate the political views as many of its audiences interested in politics.
As the time goes on, the establishing of local radio stations became part of commercially motivated business and source of making money out of it. But one thing remains unchanged. It seemed that the newly founded radios had followed the same path of others – mainly politics!
What most agree is that the local radio stations – although at one point they informed the people of what was highly respected, they only entertained audiences. Nothing in them was commendable when it comes to talk about transformation. I am not criticizing the media for not taking gigantic step further just because even the societies at the time were not ready for change. Of course, the situation they were in, could not allow them to feel the difference – as some were in state of despair to flee from the country.
However, 2014 was the turning point in media transformation – and that was the moment Kobciye went on air. At first, though I was nowhere in the country, the influence of the program used to attract me shortly after when I got back to the country. For probably a one-year and half, I kept listening routinely Kobciye and as any other of its audiences, the candle of hope was lighting.
Sincerely speaking, I used to contact many local radios to be part of them. But what driven me naturally was looking for exceptional. Personally
This was time when I absolutely adored in joining Mustaqbal whole heartedly especially Kobciye production. No matter what unfolded around me, I knew one day I would be part of them. That dream has finally come true on 15 January 2016.
Mustaqbal has obtained well reputation through Kobciye and offered other local radio stations a role model to follow. It had greatly made a significant advance – setting an example of creativity and giving the public view a chance to say in debating. It has preoccupied the minds of many audiences and its influence can be felt across the media arena largely in the country
Kobciye had the crucial for maintaining the community based progresses.  It filled the gap left behind by the others who are completely opened up to politics. Listening to it reminds us the obligation we are outstandingly committed to fill as any other.
It focused on people and events that affect their lives. It brought topics to light that often go under-reported. Many believe that though the program has become popular in many ways, recently its impacts have changed others to do the same.
Personally I believe, without Kobicye, Mustaqbal would not stand the chance to become one of the stations who reshaped the country’s media landscape. It won nation-wide praise and respect.
Zakariya Hassan Mohamed – former producer of Kobciye and currently the chief editor of He is the writer of Our Wildlife book.
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The views contained in this article are the author’s own view and do not necessarily reflect the Mustaqbalradios’s editorial policy.
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