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How Covid-19 Crisis is shaping Somalia?

MUQDISHO (HN) — As the number of those infected and the death toll of Covid-19 patients are in increase simultaneously, the government failed to save the health system from total collapse.

The Banadir local authority partially shut down the city to contain the disease and that didn’t stop the situation from worsening.

An estimated 99% of government-run hospitals with intensive care beds are occupied and Covid-19 patients are on the rise similarly among the population.

With the government failing to offer any solution to the deteriorating situation since the beginning of the second-wave, people are turning to private hospitals for help.

But there is a fear that these private facilities may also run out of ICU beds just like De Martini and Sumait Hospitals, who according to sources obtained by KON, charge every patient provided with an Intensive Care bed for 30$.

Failure to pay that amount often leads many poor families to remain indoors to see their beloved dying in front of their very eyes.

Many died from Coronavirus over the last weeks with public and religious figures among them including Sheikh Nor Barud Gurxan and national singer, Faduma Nakruma.

Health workers on the frontline are still calling the government to take drastic actions urgently.

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